From March 23 to April 7, Marjan van Herpen and Mari van Uden exhibit at Beeldentemmers in Budel. The still drawings and etchings of Mari complement the anything but “silent” still lifes of Marjan and vice versa.  

Marjan van Herpen draws her inspiration for portraits and still lifes from Baroque painting combined with contemporary aspects. But please note! A still life is not still. A still life tells a whole story about life and is therefore actually very lively. It makes Marjan curious. Who used the items. Are they still alive? Or are the objects really very old. What happened to it, what story do they tell us? Put together, they may stand very still, but they become all the more lively because the combination may become very strange or very special.  

Mari van Uden (1945) draws from the moment he can hold a pencil. One day he met a beautiful insect and drew it as if it were printed. He draws daily: portraits, self-portraits, insects, birds and flowers, preferably with ballpoint pen or dip pen. Sometimes with a brush and oil paint. A small selection of etchings and small drawings has been brought together with image tamers. And of books, printed and unprinted, in which he expresses his fascinations. In doing so, he does not shy away from lies for the sake of goodwill, after all, drawing is distorting, abstracting, exaggerating and omitting.  

This exhibition can be seen by appointment and at:  23 March (opening), 24 March, 30 March, 31 March and 7 April.  

Artspace and Galerie Beeldentemmers 

Fabrieksstraat 68 BUDEL