from 30/09 till 25/11 (opening on 30/09 13 – 17 hour)

Galerie and Artspace Beeldentemmers proudly presents the first exhibition of this cultural season. Central to this exhibition is the work of one person:

Luc Peters

Luc Peters is just as headstrong as the art he makes, he does not stick to “the rules”.

Archeology, African art, classical antiquity but also Baroque and Gothic elements influence his work. With the creation of work in a completely different way, not traditional and sometimes deviant, Peters profiles himself as a daring artist. He combines wood, metal, stone, concrete and recycled materials into one object. This creates images that seem unfinished.


With his fascination with unorthodox materials, remnants of reality, ‘scars of time’ or ‘fossils’, as he often calls them, he surprises the viewer.

His work is powerful through the use of innovative techniques, he gives the ‘archaeological finds’ his stamp as it were. And in this way holds his experiences and ideas. Then to pass them on to the viewer.

In the years after his education, Academy Maastricht and Tilburg, the Roermond artist Luc Peters (1950) has successfully exhibited at various galleries in the Randstad. His work has been seen before in galleries in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

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