On February 3 the first exhibition of 2019 opens at Artspace and Galerie Beeldentemmers in Budel. “Fortune favors the Brave”, paintings by the Eindhoven painter Stef Fridael.

In his art it is mainly about the instincts of living beings. Fear, lust, security, abuse, courage, in other words power, prestige and status with society and its subcultures as an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

For his work he often uses images from his environment in a context dictated by TV, internet and other media. His wanderings in countries such as Indonesia, Canada, Norway, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Bosnia have also contributed to this.

The title of the exhibition refers to as Stef describes it at the “Russian roulette moment” where he wants to destroy the work as an action painter. Actually in imitation of Francis Bacon who turned around and started throwing paint that ended up on the canvas somewhere, purely instinctively, irrationally. The chance that you destroyed the work is 50/50 but the luck is really daring to them!

The vernissage is on Sunday 3 February, with the opening being provided by a performance by Kim de Weijer at 15:00.

The gallery is open at the weekend (13:00 – 17:00) and by appointment. For information and data: