Beeldentemmers is an upcoming gallery and art space in the south of the Netherlands, Budel, founded by Jorrit de Kort and Angeline Maas.

Jorrit and Angeline developed themselves the past decades as both artists and art project managers. In 2018 their dream came true, they opened their own gallery and project space.

The gallery is committed to show the work of artists which works have a timeless quality and an intrinsic value.  Sustainablity  and cradle to cradle are values that Beeldentemmers keep high in mind.

The gallery features drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures to installation, performance and video art.

Jorrit de Kort animatie beeldentemmers
Jorrit de Kort
Angeline Maas







We organize various workshops and classes for both children and adults. A selection of our possibilities:

  • Painting lessons
  • Grafitti/Stencil art
  • Create your own pigment
  • Action Painting
  • Model drawing / painting
  • Creative teambuilding
  • Creative meeting sessions
  • Brainstorms
  • Children’s parties


We have a diverse range of educational programs and lessons for primary, secondary and special education that fit in with the learning lines of art & culture. These can be given on location, but can also be combined with a gallery visit and a workshop in one of our workshops. Of course it is also possible to have  a tailor-made program.

Creating, experiencing and seeing visual art! Beeldentemmers is not a traditional gallery but an interactive environment in which visual art is central in the broadest sense of the word. We have weekly workshops, lectures and exhibitions.

Because everyone can be a Beeldentemmer!





September 2018

” eye am” – Luc Peters and others


Angeline Maas / Jorrit de Kort/Diego Seconetti


June 2018 – Diego Seconetti, Italian Sculpture

May 2018 – Vollenbronck -Boogaard

April 2018 – Landscape of Youth, various artists



Please feel free to contact us for any question or proposal.

Angeline: 06-41663867 of Jorrit: 06-29393078